1. How do I register an account with 811Casino?

On the Homepage, click the “Join” button, Fill in required details Request TAC Code, fill in the TAC code received on your phone. Click “Submit” button, you are successfully registered in 811Casino now!

2. How do I make a deposit?

We have a list of major banks and payment gateway for you to deposit. You can deposit at anytime, the amount will be credited within minutes.

3. How can I make a withdrawal?

You may make a withdrawal request at anytime once you have fulfilled the turnover requirement. Depending on the amount, it will normally take 15 minutes to process at most.

4. Can I transfer my balance to other product?

Yes, you may easily do it by yourself. Click Transfer, select the product and fill in transfer amount and click submit.

5. What if I forgot my password?

You may retrieve your password by clicking forgot password that link in password column.

What if I didn’t receive the 4 digit SMS TAC code even after multiple resend attempts?

Please contact our customer service LiveChat for assistance.

6. Why is my account blocked?

In most time, your account is blocked when a security protocol was triggered. The security protocol is designed to prevent fraudulent or scam attempt from attacking your account. Your account will be getting blocked with the common reasons as below:

· Your username or password has been entered incorrectly 5 times in a row

· Failure to enter the correct SMS TAC after 5 attempts during account registration

· Bonus abuse

· Having multiple accounts

· Breaching any part of 811Casino’s terms and condition

7. Why I can’t access to the website?

The website probably blocked. You may refer to Customer Service LiveChat to get alternative URL.

8. Why do live video games hang sometimes?

This may due to a temporary poor connection or related to your computer’s performance, please restart to try again. If the problem still persists, please contact LiveChat for assistance.